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Zero Seven X Avengers Infinity War - What Are The Infinity Stones?

Zero Seven X Avengers Infinity War - What Are The Infinity Stones?

  • Zero Seven


Due to the imminent release of one of cinemas biggest movies (and the MCU) taking place from midnight (ish) around the UK.
Zero Seven take a look at what the "Infinity Stones" are and why Thanos wants them! 
Yes we are well aware this isn't about fashion or Zero Seven, BUT - this movie has been in planning for around 10 years since the first Marvel movie.
Iron Man started them on the road to this accumulation of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and with a budget of between $300 - $400 MILLION it would be rude not to explain a few things before we all go see it.
Infinity Stones are powerful gems that can destroy anything and everything from people to entire solar systems one you have them all hence - Thanos (the big bad guy - see below) wanting them.
There are 6 stones:
  • Time Stone (green - Dr Strange)
  • Mind Stone (yellow - Loki / Vision / Avengers & Age of Ultron)
  • Soul Stone (orange)
  • Reality Stone (red - Thor)
  • Power Stone (purple - Guardians of the galaxy)
  • Space Stone (blue - Captain America)
You may have seen these stones hidden in Marvel movies before now.
The space stone - also known as "The Tesseract" is hidden inside a blue cube which Thor keeps on his home planet of Asgard.
This stone gives the holder power over space, allowing the user to create portals from one part of the universe to the other.
The reality stone - the only appearance this has had in the movies is "Thor: The Dark World"
This isn't a stone though, its actually a dark red liquid and allows the holder to manipulate matter.
The mind stone - this has been seen a few times, Loki's staff, Ultron and eventually Vision.
The mind stone allows you to control peoples minds its strange that Vision can't
do it, although it does give him some unreal powers like super-strength and flying which is still cool.
The power stone - this one grants the holder unlimited power, however, the downside is if you hold it too long you die as Star Lord almost found out!
The time stone - simply put this allows the user to rewind or fast forward time. Dr Strange discovers this stone and learns the use of its power in order to keep Dormammu in a constant time loop so he can't destroy earth.
The soul stone - This allows the holder to control the souls of both living and the dead. But..nobody knows where it is! there are theories that it is on Wakanda (Black Panthers home planet) or that Thanos already has it!
now we know what the stones do and where they have been lets get onto why they aren't just all kept somewhere safe. Together. With a superhero guarding them...?
Well, you can't hold any of them long without dying, hence they are all on different things like necklaces / tesseract / staff etc and also, these heroes all end up turning on each other at some point anyway.
(see Thor & Loki, Avengers civil war...)
So giving any one of them the full power might not be best for them and everyone else.
Why does Thanos want them? And whats with his golden glove?
Thanos wants to impress Death (lady death, well her physical self anyway) and to impress her, obviously he wants to collect all of the stones to destroy everything. 
Another theory is that he thinks the universe is far over populated and wants to restore balance. Yet another theory is that he's evil which just kinda makes sense.
His big golden glove is known as the "Infinity Gauntlet" and was created to hold the 6 stones.
The power of this is so infinite that when you have all 6 stones attached to it you can make the universe to be just however you desire which is why Thanos having it probably isn't the most ideal situation.
Anyway, enjoy the movie!